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motan group with new brand identity

As part of the revision of its corporate design, motan has carried out a comprehensive rebranding. For its 75th anniversary, the motan group is giving itself a new brand identity. Fresh and transparent, the company presents itself with a new logo, new slogan and a clear 2-brand strategy on a likewise newly designed exhibition stand at K`2022.

"What is important for our customers as well as the employees is that the sales structure will of course be retained and that the new brand identity will not have any organisational impact on the corporate structure," explains Carl Litherland, CMO of the motan Group.

As part of the revised umbrella brand strategy, among other things the company names were standardised and simplified. In principle, all companies of the group operate under the umbrella brand "motan". The parent company continues to be motan holding gmbh with headquarters in Constance. The clear structure that has now been created ensures a uniform orientation and positioning of the companies and contributes to a high degree of external transparency.

Thus, "colortronic" will no longer appear in the company names in future. In September last year, the final colortronic product was assimilated into the motan brand. This long process of integration which has taken place over the last 15 years has now come to an end. Over this time the companies have grown together culturally and organizationally to form a corporate group. Litherland emphasises that the sales and service organisation and tech centre at the Friedrichsdorf location remains open for business as usual.

Clarity and simplicity also apply to the naming of future companies, as Litherland explains using the example of Bolder automation GmbH, Limburg, which was acquired in July 2021. The company will be renamed "motan extrusion engineering gmbh" and fully integrated into the motan group. This will also involve the integration of the products into the motan portfolio. Important: The company offices of motan extrusion engineering gmbh remain in Limburg.

The subsidiary specialises in the development and construction of control systems for continuous processes in the plastics industry, especially for extrusion and blow moulding. As before, sales will be handled by the motan sales companies.

motan has also tidied up its product portfolio. The future 2-brand strategy comprises the brands "motan" as a premium brand for customer-specific system solutions and "swift " for quickly deliverable individual products as well as for standard solutions in the systems business.

The establishment of the 2-brand strategy is accompanied by a renaming of the swift products. Irrespective of this, the various superordinate product lines (dosing and mixing, drying, conveying as well as controls) will remain unchanged. In terms of applications, motan continues to cover the most important areas of plastics manufacturing and processing with injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding and compounding.

Regardless of the application, motan attaches great importance to the proven motan quality as well as to the well-known motan culture. The latter applies to customer care and consultation as well as to the internal culture.


"Zero Loss" - new slogan emphasises sustainability

Sustainability has long been anchored in the motan corporate philosophy. Among other things, the responsible use of available resources is at the centre of product development.

But the new slogan "Zero Loss" expresses much more in a short and concise way. In addition to ecological responsibility, for example by avoiding material or energy losses through appropriately designed raw materials handling systems, "Zero Loss" encompasses numerous other aspects in the sense of economic as well as social responsibility. Plant availability makes a significant contribution to high productivity, for which, in turn, innovative technical solutions are a prerequisite besides service. These include, for example, the digitalisation of the production process chain or the integration of intelligent sensor technology to avoid potential losses. In this respect, motan is pursuing the goal of a sustainable, future-oriented company policy with "Zero Loss", which in turn benefits the entire company.