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Corporate social responsibility and motan's principles

Sustainability has long been anchored in the motan corporate philosophy. We have a wide range of areas in which we are active.


Plastics do not have a good image. We all know that in many cases, plastic is currently the only answer to find practical and economical solutions. Nevertheless, new consumer demands as well as the shortage of resources, especially mineral oil, are influencing the business of our B2B customers and thus also ours. As a peripheral manufacturer in the plastics industry, we work with our products in an area that forms the connection between plastic manufacturers and plastic processors. Therefore, we have direct points of interaction with the circular economy in the plastics industry.


Ecological responsibility

Protecting the environment is important to us. We are aware of the negative impact of plastics on our environment. The responsible use of our resources in the use of motan products is the focus of our further development. This means minimising the loss of plastics within the production processes as well as conserving our resources by designing energy-efficient building sites and reusing released energy during processing.

Social responsibility

We are committed to compliance with national and international labour standards. We are actively committed to health and safety in the workplace. Of course, fair pay and equal treatment of all employees are a matter for us. We respect the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and its principles. As an employer of more than 500 employees worldwide, we support our employees in the areas of health, education and occupational health and safety/prevention and are involved beyond the boundaries of the company through our network and the motan Foundation.


Economic responsibility

Our products are developed to handle raw materials just as well as recycled granules, flakes or powder. In product development, we also consider new materials for the future that are currently being researched and tested for industrial use.

We see the changes in our business environment as an opportunity to position ourselves as a manufacturer of high-quality machines that are able to process high-quality and demanding material in an energy-efficient way with the lowest possible CO2 emissions to ensure a high production standard without material loss during the production process.

We are a partner of the Blue Competence sustainability initiative. Blue Competence is an initiative of the VDMA to promote sustainability in mechanical and plant engineering, but also to publicise sustainable solutions for the industry. With this partnership, we commit ourselves to adhering to the twelve sustainability principles for mechanical and plant engineering, which are based on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.