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Digitalisation, automation, IoT and sustainability are not only trend topics in the industry, but also the focus of our product development.


Creativity, inventiveness and open eyes and ears for our customers

Plastic has long been the innovative material of the future. However, to manufacture plastic products economically in high quality and to generate sustainable handling in the value chain requires a lot of know-how, ideas and continuous improvement of the product world.


Product development in the motan group

For us, close cooperation between marketing, product management, sales and development is the linchpin for innovations and ensuring product quality. A close worldwide network within the motan group is the driving force behind all innovations and ensures continuous company growth.

Research & Development

Our international development and product management team at three locations ensures continuous research and development work. Important aspects that flow into the development work in the motan group are industry trends, market and customer needs, but also resource conservation, energy efficiency and high-quality standards. Our passion is to generate the highest added value for our customers in their systems while offering the best price-performance ratio.


Before a motan product is ready for the market, it goes through our complete development process. One of these components in the chain of development is the extensive testing in our laboratories and tech centres. In turn, we also make our tech centres available to customers and our network in order to test holistic solutions, for example for new types of materials. For our customers, we offer customised service training and product demonstrations. In open-house events, we open our tech centres to all interested parties who would like to familiarise themselves with motan products.

Innovation Management

Innovations are what drive a company forward and generate continuous growth. Or as we put it at motan: Ideas are the sparks that are created when bright minds fire each other. In a box, ideas don't have a chance to fire the imagination, inspire people and improve the world a little bit.

Our company history has influenced us to always be inspired by new influences. When it comes to innovation, what counts is: Discover - Develop - Decide - Do it.

New technologies and materials result in new possibilities in product development, as the material plastic has already proven in our industry since its development. Our innovation management is characterised by constant reinvention and new development. On the one hand, we research, develop, and promote new ideas with our development and research departments in agile processes and projects. Because peripherals in the plastics industry are always part of a production system, we see it as a necessity to work on new ideas und trends together with our large industry network. On the other hand, our customers and our extensive sales network are the best advisors for innovations and product optimisations, so that we can in turn offer our customers the best solutions.

Quality management

We do not only live Think material management in our product world and in our consulting, we also live this slogan in our processes. What counts for us is the guarantee of constant product and service quality. This is also guaranteed by our internal quality management according to ISO 9001.

Through standardised processes and quality assurance with regular internal quality controls, we continuously improve our working methods and increase efficiency. This is not only sustainable, but also creates a demonstrable level of trust towards our customers, suppliers, partners, and employees.

We see this high quality standard for our products and solutions as an obligation - for ourselves, as well as for our customers, sales partners and suppliers.