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Precision gravimetric dosing & mixing with flexibility at a competitive price

The motan group introduces its first gain-in-weight range of dosing and mixing units featuring dual dosing methods under the swift brand.

The motan group is proud to unveil the sBLEND G, a groundbreaking dosing & mixing unit within the swift brand, designed to bridge the gap in gravimetric dosing & mixing. This innovative unit, combining cost-efficiency with advanced technology, caters to the needs of plastics processors looking for a standardised solution for their dosing and mixing requirements.

Innovative dual dosing methods

The sBLEND G employs two distinct dosing methods: vertical slide valves for main components and screw feeders for precise additive dosing. This dual approach ensures unparalleled accuracy and flexibility. The bowl-shaped mixing chamber, equipped with an optimized agitator, guarantees homogeneous mixing in a dead-spot-free zone, monitored by the advanced sBLEND microprocessor control system. This allows for reducing additive quantities to the lower tolerance limit, ensuring cost savings without compromising quality.


Versatile and modular design

The sBLEND G unit supports gain-in-weight dosing and mixing for up to four materials, available in three sizes for throughput rates of 50, 130, and 300 kg per hour. The standard configuration includes two vertical slides, controlled by pneumatic cylinders, for precise dosing of main components like virgin material or regrind. For finer dosing and greater accuracy, optional screw dosing modules can be added. These modules prevent material trickle and avoid overdosing expensive additives. They are available in various sizes and can be removed and exchanged without the need for tools, offering flexible configuration to meet specific application requirements.

Efficient cleaning and maintenance

Designed for convenience, the sBLEND G features a quick-change system for dosing modules and quick-release screws, simplifying cleaning and material changes. The weigh bin and mixing chamber can be easily removed without tools. All contact parts are made of stainless steel, ensuring contamination-free operation and easy cleaning. The brushless, swivel-mounted dosing motors with integrated motor management are maintenance-free and easily removable, guaranteeing reliable continuous operation.


Reliable and consistent performance

The bowl-shaped mixing chamber design ensures a homogenous mix and consistent material discharge. When mounted on the processing machine inlet, the material path from the mixing chamber to the processing screw is minimized, preventing unwanted material segregation. Alternatively, the unit can be mounted on a frame and placed on the floor or serve as a central station for multiple processing machines.


Advanced control and network integration

The sBLEND G, like all swift units, features a modern microprocessor control with an innovative, open network architecture based on Ethernet. This allows for both direct operation via a 7-inch colour touchscreen and remote control. The sBLEND controller monitors and displays throughput and supports weight calibration, automatically calculating material addition speeds.


Exceptional value and performance

The sBLEND G stands out as a unit that combines motan's renowned quality with an excellent price-performance ratio and state-of-the-art control technology.