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Hygienic design: Hopper loaders for the highest demands on safety and cleanliness

motan has designed the METRO G med material loaders especially for plastics processors in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The comprehensive family of units is based on the established METRO G series of material loaders for plastic granulate and meets all strict hygiene requirements according to FDA 21 CFR. The development engineers paid particular attention to process-safe use in the clean room. Strong stainless-steel material sieves inside the units, special filters with high-quality seals, and electropolished stainless steel surfaces ensure reliable, dust- and contamination-free operation. A highlight is the revised membrane implosion vacuum valve, which does not require compressed air and can operate inside the strictest cleanroom environments.

An optional dedusting unit ensures consistently high material quality of the high-performance plastics to be processed. The dust removed here from the material to be conveyed is sucked to the central filter with a filtered air flow and separated there. An implosion vacuum valve with HEPA H13 filter is installed as standard. After each conveying operation, an implosion cleans the stainless-steel material sieve. While the standard implosion vacuum valve opens and closes pneumatically for this purpose, the optional membrane implosion vacuum valve uses the vacuum generated for the valve operation. This is an optimum prerequisite for installation in clean rooms. High-quality seals ensure a dust-free environment for all variants.

Using the appropriate vacuum valve variant and with five different material loader volumes (0.5 l, 1 l, 3 l, 6 l and 30 l), the METRO G med material loaders open individually tailored solutions for the highest quality and hygiene standards in a wide range of applications in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

All surfaces in contact with the product are made of stainless steel or FDA-compliant plastics and have a maximum roughness of Ra 0.8 µm. motan provides detailed documentation of the materials used. Rounded transitions, a completely demountable and abrasion-resistant stainless-steel discharge flap as well as the electropolished stainless steel body ensure easy cleaning of the METRO G med unit series.

motan also offers a variant that is mounted directly on the feed throat of the processing machine. This machine loader without an outlet flap does not require a separate material hopper, operates with a low material supply, and thus minimizes the residence time. It is therefore ideal for conveying hygroscopic materials and where space is at a premium.