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The motan group releases a new product brand – motan swift

motan swift - simple units combined with state-of-the-art control technology


The new motan swift product brand comprises the most cost-effective entry-level models of the motan product portfolio. Whether for standardized injection molding, blow moulding or extrusion applications - the products not only stand for an excellent price-performance ratio, and the usual motan quality, but also for state-of-the-art control technology.


MINICOLOR swift V - Good mixing quality and precise dosing

The MINICOLOR swift V is characterized by good mixing quality and precise dosing. It can be used to add up to two additives to the free-flowing material stream of a main component. For free-flowing main components, depending on the application and combination, there is a choice between two sizes of material hoppers.

The MC swift control of the MINICOLOR swift V can be used for either injection molding, blow moulding or extrusion applications. All parameters can be displayed and monitored via a 7’’ color touch display. The dosing speed is calculated automatically and in relation to the calibrated weight and recipe.

A key feature of synchronous dosing units such as the MINICOLOR swift V is the simultaneous discharge of all material components, with the mass flow thus generated matching the recipe at all times. Therefore, synchronously operating dosing systems usually do not require an active mixer. Dosing is synchronized with the plasticizing time of the injection molding machine or continuously, following the screw speed of the extruder.

A stainless-steel cruciform in the mixing neck divides the stream of the main component into two material streams. Up to two additives are dosed and added to the material centrally via screw dosings. All components then flow together before entering the processing machine and form a homogeneous mixture.


COMPACT swift - Energy-efficient 3-in-1 drying technology

The COMPACT swift dryers with integrated conveying are multifunctional and flexible. The dryers are available in two versions, each with a drying bin in sizes of 80 or 150 liters and equipped with up to two hopper loaders, each with a capacity of 4 liters. The COMPACT swift A dryer is also offered with advanced features such as dew point control and dry air conveying function with purging.

Dew point indication and control are offered as standard in the integrated 7’’ color touch display of the COMPACT swift A. The complete drying bin is made of stainless steel and therefore completely rust-free, regardless of the production environment and the material to be dried. Constant and stable conditions are achieved by insulating the complete hopper. The integrated conveying system in the COMPACT swift saves space and money, as no separate conveying system is required.


METROVAC swift & METRO swift HOS - The perfect combination for small conveying stations

With the flexible METROVAC swift conveying station, small conveying systems can be operated cost-efficiently. With a wide range of blower sizes, the conveying station can be used for a wide variety of central conveying applications. The three-phase blower is low-noise and maintenance-free. The station is supplied with a blower filter or optionally a cyclone dust filter with collection bin. The integrated VAC swift control with touch-screen display controls up to 8 METRO swift HOS material loaders and up to 8 empty suction valves.

The IE3 rated side channel blowers serve as an energy efficient solution for short to medium conveying distances. The blower stations thereby generate a reliable and constant vacuum. The compact conveying station can be placed close to the processing machine to save space. With the VAC swift control, the conveying station can be combined with up to 8 material loaders. METRO swift HOS hopper loaders are also available to match the METROVAC swift conveying station. The plastic granulate is transported quickly and cleanly through the METRO swift HOS into dosing units, dryers or other storage bins and fed to the machine as required. This eliminates material loss and keeps the workplace clean and safe.


LUXOR swift 250 – Can be operated with a single drying bin or combined with several pre-configured drying bins in the system

The new dry air dryer LUXOR swift 250 offers the ideal price-performance ratio for standard applications in the drying of granules. The LUXOR swift 250 has a dry air capacity of 250 m³/h. The dry air dryer can either be operated with a single drying hopper or combined with several pre-configured drying hoppers in the system. The drying bins are available in sizes from 100 l to 900 l. This maintains the greatest possible flexibility and ensures an uninterrupted production flow. For even more energy-efficient drying, additional functions such as dew point control or return air cooling can be added.

Thanks to motan's automatic air volume control, the drying process can be optimized. Different sizes of drying bins with integrated heating function allow a wide range of applications in proven motan drying technology. For the 600l and 900l drying bins sizes, a twin process drying mode can be used to increase the drying air flow up to 300m³/h. Simultaneous operation of both desiccant beds after finishing of the regeneration cycle can optimize drying times and material throughput.