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mo’s corner: a column answering all your questions about materials management

What is mo’s corner?

Storage, drying, conveying, dosing and mixing – all these processes have an important part to play in the handling of raw materials for the production of plastics. And while a handful of specialists may be well versed in the technical ins-and-outs and know all the cost-saving tricks, there are plenty of us for whom certain aspects of materials management remain a mystery. The problem is understanding the main principles of these processes, for example; why is dew-point so important for drying or what is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous dosing?

In mo’s corner, we will tackle these troublesome terms and complicated concepts. What’s more, we will answer your questions about real-world issues you face in your day-to-day work. Often, these problems have a simple yet highly effective solution. The upcoming mo’s corner parts will shine a light on the intricacies of materials management, helping processors to get to the bottom of even the trickiest topics. The goal is to define terms in clear language, explain the underlying technology, and provide practical tips for working with the relevant systems.

mo’s corner is the expert place where all questions relating the manufacturing and processing of plastics will be answered. If you have a problem – ask mo:

Answering all your questions about materials management

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Storage, drying, conveying, dosing and mixing - material handling in plastics processing is made up of very different processes. To understand these complex processes and correlations, mo explains the most important questions about material handling.

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On the mo´s corner TV YouTube channel, mo explains the daily questions on the topic of materials management, using impressive examples from practice. Take a look and ask mo.

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