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Homogenizing powders and granules

The successful mixer module MB 2l for powders, which is used for many different processes, has now been adapted by motan-colortronic for the dosing systems MINICOLOR V and G as well as for simple applications in external systems.

The best technology to homogenize powder additives, masterbatch, virgin material and regrind is mechanical forced mixing. Due to customer demand, the mixer module MB 2l, which has previously been used in combination with the dosing unit MINIBLEND V, has now been developed for use with additional systems.

With the product name MC 2l, a version that can be used in combination with the dosing and mixing MINICOLOR-series will be available from the start of FAKUMA 2018. In addition, processors can also tie-in the unit with other system technology and applications. Different connection, installation and protection options enable flexible use. The unit can be installed directly under the dosing unit on the machine or it is also possible to combine it with material loaders and proportioning valves as well as small drying bins. No matter how it is installes, the casing and mixing module remains easy to clean.

The unit is operated with the VOLU MC control which is available as a seperate module. It reliably adjusts the mixer revolutions according to the defined setpoint value for different materials and blends.