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With the gravimetric hopper loader METROFLOW, plastic processors can monitor their material flow cost-effectively and efficiently. Thanks to the very precise weighing technology, the hopper loaders are particularly suitable for monitoring material consumption in real time, making them predestined for use in an Industry 4.0 environment.

The METROFLOW weighs every single conveying cycle and so enables an accurate recording of the actual throughput at the hopper loader. In particular, in the processing of recyclate  this can be a great advantage, since here, the bulk density of the material can fluctuate frequently. In addition to the throughput mode of the operation panel, METROFLOW units can also deliver to a defined, pre-determined target weight. In this way, users optimise conveying times and keep the desired material quantities constant. The units are available with either 6 or 10 liters hopper loader volumes.


Thanks to the precision load cell, the weighing accuracy is <1%, any disturbances are filtered out using a software. The discharge flap is made of stainless steel and thus on the one hand abrasion resistant, on the other hand suitable for requirements in medical or food packaging applications. The optional hinged frame, which is available when mounting the METROFLOW on a mezzanine or large material bin, allows easy cleaning of the discharge flap module.


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