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Managing Director Ulrich Eberhardt is retiring

After a 40-year professional career Ulrich Eberhardt is going into well-deserved retirement.

After a 40-year professional career with the motan group, Ulrich Eberhardt is going into well-deserved retirement on March 31st, 2019. Eberhardt began his career with motan on April 2nd, 1979. Today, he can not only look back on a diversified career with steadily incresing responsibility, but also with pride at a company that grew under his leadership.

In his first three years he worked as an assisstant in the commercial department and became Managing Director for motan gmbh in the areas Production and Finance in 1986 at only 32 years old. These were exciting and diverse years during which the motan group became a global player. With the restructuring of the company and the founding of motan holding in Konstanz, Eberhardt decided to take on responsibility for sales in Europe in 1990. During this time, he not only expanded his knowledge of motan products, but also created a vast network in the plastics industry as a salesman and as a counsellor for the Fakuma exhibition.

Together with his colleagues in Asia and the USA, they incresed the motan group’s turnover to approx. 70 million Euro by the year 2000 and as Group Managng Director he layed the foundation for additional growth. With the purchase of Colortronic in 2006, he was able to expand the group even further. Since this time, Eberhardt has concentrated once again on Production and the setup of groupwide Controlling. Ulrich Eberhardt will remain part of the company as a shareholder of motan holding gmbh.
“I would particularly like to say thank you for the 15 years I experienced him as an increadible expert for numbers, an artist of change and development of organisations, as well as a mentor for responsible management,” emphasizes Sandra Füllsack, CEO of the motan group

From April 1st, 2019, Michael Tregner will take on responsibility for motan gmbh as Managing Director. Read more...