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Conveying of granules – central display of alarms

With little effort all alarms of all connected motan CONTROLnet systems can be centrally and remotely monitored. All that is needed for this is the new ALARMcollector and an internet-ready device with one of the standard browsers.

Machines that are suddenly no longer running are, particularly in highly automated environments, extremely costly. Downtimes immediately drive costs to the bottom line. And – often even more serious: they can disrupt extensive process chains and endanger promised delivery dates.

Being able to quickly recognise problems in material conveying or dosing is elementary in maximising the productivity of the machines. motan has realised a simple and cost-effective solution with their compact ALARMcollector. The collector visualises alarms and notifications of all systems connected to the CONTROLnet network on any standard display device with a browser (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.). Different display and sorting options, export function and archive allow for the necessary transparency and analysis possibilities. With 21 languages available, all relevant regions are covered. Optionally, optical and/or acoustic signal devices can be connected directly to the ALARMcollector.

With this solution all companies have the possibility to digitally monitor production without a control centre. The browser based solution does not require any installing of software on the devices or additional SCADA systems. The optional wireless data transfer (WiFi) further increases flexibility.

This technology is also suited for easy and simple retrofitting in existing systems. There is no tampering with the unit controls necessary.