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motan-colortronic’s METROCONNECT U/C with extremely wear resistant pipe modules

The center of motan-colortronic’s coupling system METROCONNECT U/C is the high-quality, manual coupling station for vacuum operation. It is available as either an uncoded version (METROCONNECT U) or a coded version (METROCONNECT C) with maintenance-free RFID technology. Not only do coded coupling stations protect against coupling misakes, they are often necessary if material tracing, validation or certification is required. The hose couplings are designed with patented tag postitioning that can turn freely and lock. In order to make the decision making process easier for companies, the uncoded version can easily be retrofitted to a coded version at a later date. Older coupling systems from different manufacterors can also be extended with METROCONNECT C – for affordable and efficient modernisation.

Less wear with abrasive materials

Coupling station pipe work is ususally made from robust and easy to clean stainless steel. As an alternative, we now offer specially hardened, surface-nitrated distribution pipes specifically designed for conveying particularly abrasive materials such as coal or glass fibre reinforced granules. These are also suitable for problematic recycling materials. The distribution pipes appear black due to the nitriding and are just as smooth and easy to maintain as their stainless steel counterparts. Then can be used in new systems immediately or can be exchanged in existing systems. They drastically increase lifetime, even when conveying difficult materials.

RFID to prevent incorrect operation

For machine related conveying systems every processing machine is assigned a conveying line. However, the manual connection of uncoded couplings to other material is a frequent source of mistakes. This can have expensive consequences if the wrong material is conveyed to a machine. The house couplings and lids coded with RFID prevent these mistakes reliably. The coupling system is controlled, monitored and configured with the METROCONNECTnet controls. It can be connected vie Ethernet with the material loader controls METROnet as well as with visualization. The controls can operate up to eight blower lines (vacuum cycles) and per blower line up to 96 consumer and material sources as well as a maxumum of 125 coupling connectors. If required, an extension is available for up to 250 coupling connectors. Extensive monitoring and diagnosis possibilities are integrated into the controls.